Bionanoscience and Biochemistry laboratory

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Natural Nanomachine Research

Understanding enzymes such as DNA gyrase will help us to build artificial versions and to design new drugs such as antibiotics.

Protein Nanoscience Research

Designing and building new protein superstructures will allow new kinds of drug delivery system and ultimately, new kinds of nanoscale biological machines to be constructed.

DNA Nanoscience Research (FNP TEAM Project)

We are trying to build designed, programmable DNA structures using the DNA origami technique.

Latest News

6 Jan/2022

New Paper Published: A Programmable, artificial protein cage carrying functional cargo

In our new paper published in Science Advances, we showed that an artificial protein cage can carry a functional protein cargo and can be designed to disassemble “on command”, freeing the cargo. Thanks to our excellent collaborators, the Sheuring lab, at Weill Cornell Medicine, the Astbury Centre at The University of Leeds and the Pyza […]

14 Nov/2021

Heddle lab demonstrates DNA Topogami, a new kind of DNA origami

In new paper just published online we showed that by topologically linking together two DNA single-stranded scaffolds we could subsequently assemble two DNA origami shapes that were topologically linked together. This is a very stable link as a strand of DNA has to be cleaved (covalent bond breakage) to unlink the individual DNA origamis. We […]

15 Sep/2021

Artificial protein nanocages deliver into cells in latest Biomacromolecules publication

In a breakthrough piece of research, we have developed a tiny, hollow protein sphere, termed a “nanocage”, placed another protein inside it, and delivered both to cells. This uses our TRAP-cage technology. Well done to the team! go to the Biomacromolecules article

1 Sep/2021

Latest article on the cover of Science Advances!

Bacterial species are under continuous warfare with each other for access to nutrients. To gain an advantage in this struggle, they produce antibacterial compounds that target and kill their competitors. Different species of bacteria, including ones that live inside us, can battle each other for scarce resources using a variety of tactics. In our latest […]

6 Jan/2021

NAR paper on gyrase published!

Our paper showing how DNA-mimcking proteins are able to interact with gyrase to give protection against anntibacterial drugs was just publisehd in NAR. Congratulations to Łukasz Mazurek, Dmitryh Ghilarov and the whole team.

About us

A bright amibtious team working on cutting-edge science across disciplines

We are an ambitious lab. Individual researchers work on a variety of topics and with a wide range of expertise. We are always learning from each other and work together as a team.

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