Bionanoscience and Biochemistry laboratory

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Natural Nanomachine Research

Understanding enzymes such as DNA gyrase will help us to build artificial versions and to design new drugs such as antibiotics.

Protein Nanoscience Research

Designing and building new protein superstructures will allow new kinds of drug delivery system and ultimately, new kinds of nanoscale biological machines to be constructed.

DNA Nanoscience Research (FNP TEAM Project)

We are trying to build designed, programmable DNA structures using the DNA origami technique.

Latest News

11 Jan/2023

Jonathan Heddle Awarded Leverhulme Trust International Professorship

We are delighted to announce that the head of the lab, Prof. Heddle has been awarded the prestigious Leverhulme Trust International Professorship to set up the Centre for Programmable Matter at Durham University UK. The new lab will be established in the latter part of 2023. Stay tuned for new Postdoctoral, PhD student, Technical and […]

31 Oct/2022

New Journal Cover featuring our artificial protein cage work

Happy to get the cover of ACS Nanoscience Au where we showed how to morph the size and shape of a protein nanocage. #nanotechnology #proteincages

15 Jun/2022

New PhD position available: Help fight antimicrobial resistance!

The Bionanoscience and Biochemistry laboratory is recruiting a doctoral student for a fully-funded position with a duration of up to three years. The successful candidate will work on an NCN-funded project entitled “Structural basis of transmissible fluoroquinolone resistance” to uncover the mechanisms of transmissible fluoroquinolone resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. While working on the project, you […]

2 Jun/2022

Unano consortium aims to build bio-nanomachines

Our new una_europa funded project is a consortium of leading across europe aiming to build functional, biological nanomachines. Our new website just launched:

Our Projects

We are very grateful to our funders including the Foundation for Polish Science, The National Science Centre and Una Europa. For more about the individual projects and funding. See our projects page.

About us

A bright amibtious team working on cutting-edge science across disciplines

Bionanomachines are fascinating nanoscale machines made from biological molecules, typically proteins, lipids, RNA and DNA. In nature they carry out an amazing array of tasks from copying your DNA to converting light into energy. In our lab we are interested in understanding, designing and building natural and artificial bionanomachines.

We use a mixture of biochemical, structural and computational techniques plus the most important ingredient: imagination. Currently we are particularly interested in the natural machine DNA gyrase both because of its fascinating and intricate mechanism but also because it is an important target for development of new antibacterial drugs.

We are also building artificial structures from proteins and DNA with the aim of developing Programmable Biological  Matter. This describes artificial nanoscale biological material which can be programmed to move on demand. This will be useful for new materials and particularly medical use for example in effective vaccines and smart drug delivery systems which may one day be used as effective disease treatments in particular for age-associated diseases.

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