FNP TEAM Project

In our FNP-funded “TEAM” project we are using DNA as a building material do design and build novel nanostructures that will be able to interact with proteins in programmable ways. Find out more about FNP TEAM funding below. On this page we will keep you updated on out TEAM mmebers, publicatipons and other news.

FNP TEAM funding (FNP website)


Sakai, Y., Islam, M. S., Adamiak, M., Shiu, S.C.-C., Tanner, J. A., Heddle, J. G., (2018) DNA Aptamers for the Functionalisation of DNA Origami Nanostructures, Genes 9, pp. 571 [MDPI]
A summary of how DNA aptamers have been used alongside DNA origami.Shiu, S.C.-C., Kinghorn, A.B., Sakai, Y., Cheung, Y-W., Heddle, J.G., Tanner, J.A. (2018) The Three S’s for Aptamer‐Mediated Control of DNA Nanostructure Dynamics: Shape, Self‐Complementarity, and Spatial Flexibility, ChemBioChem 19, pp. 1900-1906 [Wiley]
A guide for designing aptamers to work with DNA origami.Tang, M. S., Shiu, S. C-C., Godonoga, M., Cheung, Y-W., Liang, S., Dirkzwager, R. M., Kinghorn, A. B., Fraser, L. A., Heddle, J. G.*, Tanner, J. A.* (2018) An aptamer-enabled DNA nanobox for protein sensing, Nanomedicine 14(4), pp. 1161-1168 [Elsevier]
We show that the opening and closing of a DNA origami box can be controlled by molecular locks that respond to a malarial diagnostic signal.

Other News

October 2018 – With the arrival of Abdulhalim, our TEAM team is now at full membership!September 2018 – All TEAM members presentetd at the Bionano 2018 International Workshop.